What Do You think About this scene?


(Tovias Milliken) #1

I created this scene for a Sponsorship on youtube, I didn’t want it to look 100% Photorealistic, just because I wouldn’t have enough time to render it in the tutorial.

Is there anything specific I should change in this scene? I know a few things I should add.


Great scene, but do you realize this is a test forum? Probably better if you head over to www.blenderartists.org for now :wink: That forum will be migrated to a Discourse one looking very similar to this one. You can support the migration on Kickstarter if you like.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #3

I can’t explain why, but the right part of the scene seems to be “floating” a bit to me. Perhaps the floor is too clean?

Kudos for finding the #feedback-wanted tag, by the way!

I think it’s great to see a more ‘real-life’ example :slight_smile:

(Tovias Milliken) #4

Thanks for your feedback!

@bart I agree, it does look like its floating, partly because part of the scene is floating, and also because of the way I have my lighting setup.
I think this site will be a huge help to a lot of people, I am planning on helping kickstart it (I’m hoping to donate 30-40 US Dollars), I hope you all are successful.

(Millani) #5

Nice render. What bothers me the most is that the interesting things are in the borders, while the centre is mostly empty. Also, all objects are cropped. :confused:

(Cg Jam) #6

the wooden blocks on the corner of the wall look odd because the steps go up to them but there is a wierd perspective that makes the block look as if it is floating above the lower step but at the same time is parralel to the upper step. so one corner is on the upper step the other is over the bottom but the paenl is flat to the camera. its a wierd optical illusion. but i think it would be better if the wooden panel acme right to the floor. also the composition is crushed to the right of the image you have nothing of real visual interest in literally two thirds of the image. the wooden panelling side of the image is boring. there is literallly nothing of interest there i would move the entire composition to focus on the kitchen bar as thats where all the interest is