Video: Periodicity


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Paul McManus writes:

I was experimenting with music and animation, trying to find a workflow that suited my more abstract ideas. For this video, synchronising motion and audio proved to be a lot more difficult than I had expected, partly because of the nature of the soundtrack. I started with a 120 bpm music idea and assembled several four bar samples that I could drag-and-drop into the VSE. I then created some 3D animations in a similar manner, with short sequences based on a wave modifier displaced model, that would work alongside it. I iterated back and forth between the soundtrack and the visuals several times. I don’t think I succeeded in obtaining a prefect synchronisation but I feel it’s a complete piece and I’m very happy with the result.


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I posted this video to see if the ‘featured’ images would automatically pull an image from it. And they do! \o/

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Hmmm, I don’t see the feature thumb on the master page :frowning:

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Not sure why that happened - I refreshed the posts and now it’s here again.