'Unanswered' menu

(Bart Veldhuizen) #1

I added an experimental ‘Unanswered’ menu item that will list topics with zero replies. The idea is that it might help people find and engage with orphaned posts. Does that seem useful?

(Caetano Veyssières) #2

Totally. On Vbulletin, I sometimes go search in advanced mode and filter all threads with more than 0 replies, which is exactly the same thing except more cumbersome.

Additional coolness : I can first select a category and click on Unanswered and the results will only be in that category

(Millani) #3

It seems useful, but if the first reply is something like “I have that problem too!” or “I don’t understand the question, can you rephrase it?”, the topic is actually still unanswered, but will not appear in the menu. Is it possible to set a threshold maybe?

And is there something like “unsolved” too? Like topics that do not have an accepted answer?

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

That’s a good point. We’ll actually be using a system to mark questions as ‘solved’ in specific categories, see here. It might make sense to add that to the top-nav too:

  • Unsolved --> Questions in support categories that have not been marked as solved yet
  • Unanswered -> Any post that has not received any replies yet.

How’s that?

(Millani) #5

Sounds pretty good to me.