Navigating Discourse

(Andy) #1

Navigating this site for us ‘Old Timers’ is like trying to roller skate…
How do the 'Hot Keys ’ work ? when I type them and hit 'Enter ’ nothing happens,.,.,How do you delete old or ‘archived’ messages ?
Thanx Andy

(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

Hotkeys are very similar to gmail - for example, hit ‘/’ to activate search, ‘g’ and then ‘h’ to “go home” etc. No enter required. Bring up the list of shortcuts by pressing ‘?’

Delete a reply by clicking the ‘…’ button, and then the trashan:


(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

I just did a test on Firefox 58 and hotkeys work fine. Perhaps your version doesn’t support them.

You’ll find the option to delete the entire topic under the wrench here:



If you’re typing in this message like you are in your screenshot while trying to use the hotkeys, that might explain it. You don’t need the text box for it to work because it does the opposite. It is temporarily disabled while you type.

Of course, it’s just an assumption based on the screenshot you’ve shown. If you have tried it already please never mind my suggestion. It’s just that with the technology some people, including me, can overlook simple solutions like that. :smile:

If the latter one is true and your hotkeys don’t work. I wonder if it’s due to Windows XP and browser’s version. This OS has been retired for a while, no official support anymore I believe so who knows?

Hopefully, it will help you to solve few things. Good luck! :+1:

(Andy) #6

Bart, Thanks for the reply, it must be my version at fault, no big deal. The trash can thing may become an issue later down the line though…

Edit: I don’t have anything that looks like that.:frowning:
Edit2: Ok, Trash can shows up only on my posts - like to delete just that post, no where else though

(Andy) #7

The screen shot was just to show I have no trash can. Seems my version does not do ‘Hot Keys’, no big deal though. Thanx


First saw this type of navigation on Soundcloud. Now that I think of it it’s kinda funny how age-old Blender navigation is now used on a modern forum. :smiley: