Log in problem and Jobs forum

(Anouar) #1

Hey; I was trying to log in the old forum but it doesn’t exist so I tried to log in here but i had a message that my user ID and email don’t exist!!! So I had to sign up again with the same email I used in the old forum (my account wasn’t transferred here!)

And also in the old forum we had “jobs forum” that was a good place for me and many other blender artists to get or offer paid jobs from working with blender …and i don’t see it here …so would we have one here too!!! It is important

(Jason van Gumster (Fweeb)) #2

The site is being migrated see this thread for details. The data has been moved, but there are some post-processing steps that need to be completed. So things will be a little slow-moving on the site for a while.


I’m interested in the old jobs forum as well. I also had a similar problem logging in and had to create a new account altogether. I didn’t have much on my previous account so I didn’t lose much but was still quite frustrating.