Google drive Links

(Andy) #1

just seeing if goole drive link works

And it does, This is pauljs75_ file, Thanx
@bart you can delete this post if you like, Thanx

(David Mcsween) #2

I wondered what would happen if I placed the G Drive link of an image, would the site interrogate the link and display the thumbnail?

(Jason van Gumster (Fweeb)) #3

Nope… but if you use the image’s direct url and a little Markdown, maybe that will work:

Seems to work for me…

(Andy) #4

I can see your GIF just fine

(Jason van Gumster (Fweeb)) #5

Interesting. The direct embed worked when I had the page up, but upon reloading this thread, the image ceases to work.

Seems to me that this is an issue on Google’s side… not necessarily something that can be handled by Discourse.