Exploded Revolver


(Sterling Roth) #1

This is a project I worked on a couple years ago. Model was created from reference images alone.


The client requested just the model, no rigging or textures. Simple screencaps from the viewport. This would be even sexier with EEVEE!


Awesome. Not bad for simple screencaps from the viewport! You’re right, it would be awesome with Eevee, but I think you’ve managed to make it look good anyways. :wink: Your client should have waited for Eevee! lol

(Bart Veldhuizen) #3

It does look very good for a 2.7 viewport. What’s that, matcaps?

(Sterling Roth) #4

Yeah, it’s a matcap and the viewport AO. I doubled the resolution and scaled it down in post to compensate for the loss of AA when using AO. It wasn’t actually a screencap, I did an opengl render to bump up the resolution.