Bandsalat technology


(Bart Veldhuizen) #1

Finally an image I feel confident posting in the finished projects section. (

This is my entry for this weeks weekend challenge #753, themed “80´s technology”.
I titled it “Bandsalat” - The German word for a chewed up tape.
One thing I remember very well form the pre digital age are compact cassettes, used both for playing music and storing computer games. - The goal was to go as photoreal as possible with this.

I modeled the cassette in Fusion 360 but spent ten times more time working in Blender to get the scene, materials and lighting right. ^^

Rendertime with a 1060 and 750Ti card combined was about two hours for the 3000x2000px image with 1000 samples. I skipped the denoising, since I felt the noise would add to the vintage look of the rendering. Post and color adjustments were done in Affinity Photo & Photoshop.

Comments and critique are of course welcome.

(Andrea Calzavacca) #2

Wow! Really good image!

(Maegerman Philippe) #3

Very realistic, I like it :wink:
In my memories, the tape was a bit lighter brown, like in this picture

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

For extra testing fun, try copy-pasting that picture in your reply :slight_smile:

(Maegerman Philippe) #5

Like this ? copy / paste is nice

(Bart Veldhuizen) #6

Exactly. Pretty neat, right?

(Maegerman Philippe) #7

Yes, I didn’t read the placeholder :sunglasses: